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    5 things to know: 23 June 2017

    From the desks of the Hotel News Now editorial staff:

    • Senate Republicans working on votes for health-care bill
    • Nation awaits Supreme Court decision on travel ban
    • 5 factors shaping the hotel distribution landscape
    • Pebblebrook closes sale of the Dumont NYC for $118m
    • British pound struggles under Brexit turmoil

    STR: Europe hotel performance for May 2017

    The European hotel industry reported positive year-over-year performance metrics during May 2017. Occupancy rose 3.5% to 75.6%, ADR increased 4.8% to €114.35 ($127.85) and RevPAR jumped 8.5% to €86.47 ($96.68).

    STR: Middle East/Africa hotel performance for May 2017

    In May, the Middle East hotel industry reported occupancy 5.9% to 64.4%, ADR fell 2.5% to $150.47 and RevPAR dropped 8.2% to $96.88. Africa, on the other hand, despite posting a 0.9% occupancy dip to 55.2%, saw a 11.6% ADR increase to $99.20 drive a 10.5% RevPAR increase to $54.76.

    Midscale renaissance or race to the bottom?

    Hotel companies seem eager to roll out new midscale brands these days, and it’s fair to wonder whether that’s a collective recognition of the opportunities in that segment or if they’re preparing for a drop in consumers’ spending power.

    5 things to know: 22 June 2017

    From the desks of the Hotel News Now editorial staff:

    • Report on REITs shows concerns over Trump
    • Airbnb expected to launch premium service
    • LIIC members weigh in on politics, labor environment
    • Tropical storm Cindy moves inland in Gulf Coast
    • Record travel projected for Fourth of July weekend

    STR: Canada hotel results for week ending 17 June

    The Canadian hotel industry reported positive year-over-year performance results during the week of 11-17 June. Occupancy increased 1% to 74.6%, ADR rose 5.3% to CA$166.18 ($125.31) and RevPAR increased 6.3% to CA$124.02 ($93.52).

    How to plan a smooth hotel renovation

    It’s easy to let all of the moving parts of a hotel renovation become overwhelming. But, instead, take these steps into consideration if a large-scale project is on your property’s radar.